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Planning your wedding is an exciting time for you!  Choosing the right videographer to preserve your memories is a very important decision that we hope to make easier.

What sets you apart from other Filmmakers?

We truly feel this is our calling, it is the time we spend on each project and our attention to detail that allows us to tell your story better than anyone else.  What sets us apart is what you receive in the final product.  Our Highlights are uniquely crafted for each couple to fit your personality.  Our Full Feature Films are the events in their entirety that are fully edited for the best viewing experience.  You are investing a lot to receive stunning and high quality films, therefore we feel you should receive something back that preserves your memories in full!

What defines your style?

Quick Answer is YOU!

Intimate and detailed.  We want you to be able to remember how you felt the day of your wedding not just what it looked like.  Our shooting style adjusts to fit your personality so we can capture all your emotions that tell the story of your love! Documenting with film is an art form that tells a story that envokes the same emotions you felt on your most special day.  We love natural light that accentuates your glow and brings magic to your day. 

What is your turn around time?

Turn around time depends on the package size chosen, our Full Feature Film Packages typically takes about about four weeks per wedding to complete the films.  We edit on a queue system, therefore depending on the season and the quantity of films you are receiving, it could be 12-14 weeks to receive your films. 

Why does it take so long?

During post production we blend the multiple camera angles with high quality music and sound to create a cinematic masterpiece of your day.  We do not rush the post work just to get it done, we take the time to craft the best and most unforgettable films just for you.  We do not offer or give raw footage, this means that every moment of your day has been hand selected and crafted to enhance your wedding film.

What is the Best Wishes Film?

This is a uniquely personalized film we offer where we film the Bridal Party giving you their well wishes.  You chose these people to stand with you when you say I DO because they are very special to you.  We mix their wishes with footage of them captured throughout your day.  This film is for you to cherish and have as a keep sake of these individuals who helped make your day magical. 

Are you available to film my day?

Let's Find Out!

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