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Everyone's story is DIFFERENT.  We take the time to CUSTOMIZE our films to match who you are, to tell YOUR tale!  We capture your moments and details as they happen, to craft visually stunning and UNFORGETTABLE films for every couple to enjoy and cherish for a LIFETIME.


My Forever Films

Brian and Angela first met in film school while attending college at Kansas State University.  When the opportunity came to start My Forever Films Brian and Angela jumped on it and now feed off each others creativity to make every film unique.

We film all events including Weddings, Birthday, Corporate Events, Commercials and more.  

We would love to turn your event or business promotion into a lasting Forever Film.


Owner, Videographer, Editor

As a young boy Brian had a deep love for the cinema.  The first movie he attended was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  After that he would spend any moment he could with a videocamera in hand.  Beginning with GI Joe stop animation Brian worked his way through all forms of film.  In college while studying film Brian was hired to make his first wedding video.  From there he has worked for short film companies as well had the opportunity to create Commercial and Corporate films.  


Owner, Videographer, Editor

Angela has worked on short films since childhood.  Her love for capturing stories on film began with a middle school project and her passion has only grown from there.  Her favorite part of videography is editing and putting all the pieces together to create a cherished film to last a lifetime.  Angela also enjoys photography, mainly documenting their family times together, as well as painting and anything else creative.  She has a fascination with trees and watching the light dance through the leaves. 

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